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Let The Right One In

Let The Right One In

-- It was probably the scariest film ever. No I'm lying. It was the most disturbing.
-- EW. The kiss scene? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Oskar and Eli kissing over a dead body with blood on their lips? It was worse than Jax/Tara's love making in the same room as Tara's murdered stalker ex-boyfriend who tries to rape her. Oh 2008/2009. So far I've been traumatized.
-- Both the child actors are amazing.
-- I went Curves happy on the second picture I know. :/
-- PS: Second picture, first picture, second row? They would be in the remake of A CHRISTMAS STORY or the Swedish version. Y/Y?!
-- Having been left alone to watch this film I was scared, having the next day to think about it I was even more scared. Now I want to show this to everyone who watched Twilight and be like..LOOK. Vampires ARE not to be lusted after. Even cute as a button little ones! :)

PS: So far out of 2009. Towelhead and this film have been my favorites. I can't think of a good companion film for this like I have for all the others excluding Breakfast on Pluto.