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Some really old icons.

I have an icon journal heartintoe that I NEVER post at but will change soon to either more posts or just moving over to here. And I have icons in this journal from almost 3 years ago to fairly recent that I just will never archive/organize but I want to get rid of pointless entries. So I just threw them in here.

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WARNING. I would rather subject myself to torture than pay to see this film. The caps are of a cam version my friend had. Be weary. If I hated how the colors turned out I just put the picture in greyscale. WHAT? I can do that. Hah.
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PS: I do NOT hate the series. I was enthralled with the first book when it first came out but it's not an obsession of mine or anything. So sorry if I ripped on the film.
A - Alice Smith


And by the by because I did vote and I don't want to seem like some ignorant slob but we have the first African American US President in history. 2008. We actually made real history not some Britney Spears/Amy Winehouse/Lindsay Lohan shit but HISTORY.

Thank you guys. He won by 7 million people.

PS: FUCK ANYONE WHO BRINGS UP POSSIBLE ASSASSINATION. Because truth is, if it did happen (and it won't, it can't, please) there will be a race war or riots that will back the crazies back into their corners. Thank you.

PPS: Thank you that I don't have to hear about Palin on a daily/weekly basis ANYMORE.


Bye bye strike.

Friends cut, por favor.

I need to do one. I'm started to feel cluttered by people. Even if you think you shouldn't comment, do. Just because I'm just going to go on a rampage and delete.

This also helps me know who is reading.