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Bye bye strike.

Friends cut, por favor.

I need to do one. I'm started to feel cluttered by people. Even if you think you shouldn't comment, do. Just because I'm just going to go on a rampage and delete.

This also helps me know who is reading.


Keep me if you want!
I am still reading, although I'd completely understand if you cut me seeing as how we haven't really had very much to talk about lately?
I'm still hanging about. :)
I'm reading, though we haven't really had a chance to click, so I'll totally understand it if you want to cut me!
Same here. :)
I read, I read!
So you are no longer on strike? I wish the strike for the writers could end as quickly. =)
i read. not great at commenting all the time, but i do read.
Please keep me.
I'd love to stay if you would keep me~
I see the word rampage and I comment.

I've been emo woman, see me whine, so yeah, bad commenter.

No hard feelings if you delete. I know cluttered and overwhelmed, so do what ya gotta do.
Commenting :)
I would like to stick around if that's okay
I would love to stay!
*wave* Keep please, I be reading! :)
I hate hate hate commenting to posts like these, but since ilu I shall comment anyway. Keep me plz~!
keep me keep me keep me! ha. Still reading your entries: )
*waves* I don't say much, but I read everything?
let's stay friends. :)
I read, I read, I read! :D
I'm around. :3
I read...
Still reading ;) I don't comment as often as I should, it's one of my bad habits (along with replying to e-mails)
You can remove me if you like. You never comment on my entries (and vice-versa) – also, I normally don't read yours, tbqh. Take care.
I still read. :)
I read :)
i'm still reading, but feel free to delete if you're feeling overwhelmed.
I still read!!
i still read!
You're gonna delete me? I just got here! I'm not sure how we became friends. I saw you in my list so I added you after watching your vid I am pretty sure? Pretty darn sure that's it.
I'm from the comm fnlplaylist and was wondering if this music guide is accurate. Do you know?

If so, I've actually got quite a LOT of those songs and was thinking I'd start a post of all FNL songs in the comm. What do you think?
Oops, and of course I forget the link:
That would be amazing.
Did you read MY LJ?
I hope you don't mind me posting this here but I made you all a couple of icons that I thought you might be able to use!


Edited at 2008-10-25 01:33 am (UTC)
I would love to. It's the new default :)
Glad you like it!